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Carpets dirty? We clean them.


About Overland Park Carpet Cleaning Company

We are Kansas City’s best carpet cleaning company. The service providers that we partner with simply cannot be matched in terms of quality and customer service. Our team consists of highly skilled professionals that get the job done. No more waiting on no show contractors.

We know, it’s annoying. Always expect a call, and always expect us to be there. There’s nothing more upsetting that sitting at home all day in hopes of seeing a contractor come through and he doesn’t show. We only work with dependable and trustworthy professionals to handle our work. We guarantee it. Overland Park Carpet Cleaning will take care of your home and treat you with respect.

Respectful. Dependable. Clean

  • Customers First

    When getting into business we wanted to make sure that our customers always came first, and that’s exactly what we did. Nobody wants to work with a second rate company that can’t handle their customers. We are changing the name of small business contractors one customer at a time.

  • Never Late

    Our extremely professional team will always be on time to your job. If anything changes of course we will call. The main point here is that if you’re expecting us, we will show. Working with our company is the end of no call no show contracting appointments.

  • High Quality

    They always say, you get what you pay for. Well in our case you can get high quality work but at affordable prices. It’s easy to walk into a job and do a half – you know what – job. We take care to make sure that every job is done to the same standard as the next.

“Our tile and grout hadn’t been cleaned for years, it looked horrible. Thankfully we called the guys at Overland Park Carpet Cleaning to clean our grout lines and make it look new again! Thanks!”

– Hannah , Mission Hills, KS


Residential and Commercial Carpet Cleaning

We handle it all, residential and commercial! We have crews for every size job and every type of client. Know that when you sign a contract with us you’re going to be in good hands.

Our residential carpet cleaning services are second to none. We send professional crews every time. You don’t need to worry about a sketchy group of guys walking into your home any longer. Our commercial services are just as great.

We’ve handled cleaning many restaurants, office spaces, and so much more. Don’t let your space continue building up more dirt. Let’s help you live or work in a cleaner and safer environment today! Give us a call and setup your free estimate or bid now.